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On The Spot Repair

At home or in the office, usually the mechanic will come to your bike within 24 hours

Easy & Convenient

Enter the location for repair, choose the right service and Veloyo will take care of your bike

Quality Service

Experienced mechanics from close distance will service your bike

Transparent & Intelligent

Prices can be seen prior to booking and our integrated chat lets your communicate all details with the mechanic

Here’s what our customers say

This is a brilliant and convenient service. I needed my flat-tire repaired and Veloyo did a great job. I highly recommend using Veloyo. Great communication and supereasy!

Laura from Hamburg

Great service from Tim in London. Came the same day and fixed the problem. Highly recommended!

Jonathan from London

Had bike service today in London. The mechanic arrived on time and carried out work professionally, with great enthusiasm. He gave me great advice & tips. I highly recommend using Veloyo.

Mick from London

Had a flat tire in Amsterdam, luckily the magical bicycle fairies of Veloyo fixed it and I was on my way again!

Jorg from Amsterdam
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Veloyo at one glance / Veloyo is a company from Hamburg, enabling cyclists in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London to enjoy bicycle repair at their doorstep. Since 2015 those commuting by bike can book a mechanic via Veloyo with a few clicks. You no longer have to search for a nearby mechanic and then carry your bike there. Veloyo brings the bike mechanic to your bicycle – no matter whether at home, at work or in the middle of the city.

This is how Veloyo works / Cyclists experience an easy and transparent booking process that doesn’t take up a lot of time or nerves. Chain tightening, brake check or tyre and tube replacement? No problem with Veloyo. Our customers save unnecessary stress regarding the bike repair and can keep wheels turning.

Veloyo allows easy and mobile bicycle repair for all types of bikes – typically within 48 hours. Flat tyre, broken gears or lights that do not work? Whether it is a dutch bike, city bike, mountain bike or singlespeed, our service partners are mobile, offer service with high quality and use high-value components.

Simply enter the location of your bicycle, choose a category and add a picture of your bike. Veloyo will find a suitable mechanic to repair your bike. The mechanic will bring all relevant tools and components to get your bicycle to run again or do pick-up and delivery. You will not have to search for the next open bike store or even carry your bike there. Instead the mechanic will repair your bike where it is or pick it up and deliver it after the repair is done.

Using Veloyo is not only easy but also transparent. Prices are visible prior to booking and within our integrated chat solution our customers stay up-to-date about the whole process of the bike repair. Afterwards the mechanic’s work can be rated in order to keep our quality standards high.

Our customers opinion is extremely important to us. It helps us to continuously improve Veloyo and create a mobile bike service according to their wishes. That way we can create mobile bicycle service as it should be – together.

Our service is suitable for any kind of bicycle. We guarantee good service. Bicycle repair for old, used and new bicycles, for cheap and expensive bicycles. Bicycle components from Shimano or Sram as well as from small suppliers build in by our service partners.

Show your bike some love / Bicycles are prone to small damages. If you can not store your bike in a cellar or in a safe and dry place, it is constantly exposed to wind and rain. Additonally there is broken glass lying around and the street itself can be rough on the bike. As your bicycle can be your daily means of transportation, it is advisable to invest money into the quality of spare parts, professional bicycle repair and frequent check-ups. After all your bicycle reliantly takes your from A to B, thus deserves a little love.

Bicycle Repair: What you need to know / Problems with the light on your bicycle are most likely. Possible reasons are broken cables or a damaged light bulb. Not only the light needs fixing every now and then, brakes and chains are often defect if not taken care of. A full check-up of the bicycle is advisable once a year before spring starts. If you cycle year round a second check-up in autumn is also a good idea.

Do it yourself or call a mechanic / To fix a flat tyre, adjust the position of the saddle or fix the gears you do not necessarily need a mechanic – provided that you have the know-how. Extensive or big repairs should be done by a professional as small mistakes can cause dangerous situations on the road. Generally speaking: Call the mechanic one time to many rather than taking a risk.

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