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Cycling in Amsterdam

The bike-friendly capital of the world - Amsterdam. Over 60% that use the bicycle for transportation each and every day. That is a high number and has been earned through constant investments into cycling infrastructure.

Veloyo in Amsterdam

City of bikes - a title that many cities would like to pride themselves with. Unsurprisingly as it suggests clean, eco-friendly and cool cities with equally cool citizens. However there are only few cities that truly deserve such a title and Amsterdam is leading all of them. While all of the Netherlands shows an extremely high share of cyclists Amsterdam is the bicycle-friendly capital of the world. Over 60% of citizens use their bicycle on a daily basis. And the city offers best infrastructure for them and is still constantly improving them likewise.

In Amsterdam the love for bicycles has a long history. Once upon a time over 100 years ago the queen Wilhelmina was already riding a bicycle - then a means of transportation that had nothing royal to it. As popularity was rising so was the bicycle continuing its winning streak. In the last 20 years the number of cyclist has increased by 40% and there is no end in sight. The city is planning to invest another 200 million € within the next few years to maintain the bicycle-friendly title and extent Amsterdam’s network of cycling lanes, roads and parking spaces.

For Veloyo it was no question in which city our service should be available next after the launch in Hamburg. Being in Amsterdam is eye-opening as to what role bicycles can play in everyday life. From little boys to busy moms to the elderly - everyone uses the bicycle and it is such a natural part of the city landscape.

One example: At the central station of Amsterdam is the first multi-story parking deck for 7.000 bicycles and for them only. Buildings as such are often seen in Amsterdam and extremely important to host all 880.000 bicycles owned by its citizens. Currently there are 35.000 more parking spaces planned until 2030 in order to accomodate all the bikes. Space is a valuable asset in Amsterdam resulting in very creative ideas on where to place such a huge amount of bicycles such as floating bicycle islands or underground parking decks.

Amsterdam is not dreading the effort to maintain the title of bicycle-friendly capital of the world. The foundation for a smooth cycling experience on every single day has been laid and can be enjoyed as long as one’s own bicycle is playing along. Flat tyres, broken lights or jammed brakes can put a spoke in the wheel. Finding a mechanic might be easy but waiting around for your bicycle for days, weeks or even months is no fun. Lucky for all cyclists in Amsterdam Veloyo has found its way there.

Veloyo sends the mechanic to the bicycle regardless of where the bicycle is. Cyclists benefit from easy, convenient and transparent service and can quickly get back in the saddle.


About the author: Frederik

Being a young boy Frederik could be found on the saddle of his bicycle more often than in school. He loves the feeling of freedom when cycling around, which is why he still chooses bike over bus at any time.