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Cycling in Frankfurt

Veloyo in Frankfurt

Okay, we admit it. Frankfurt is not one of the cycling cities in Europe. Maybe the city simply does not offer best requirements for an extensive cycling infrastructure or maybe a suit is just not as convenient on the bicycle as Jeans. One thing is for sure: Frankfurt is moving in the right direction. The city on the river Main has invested in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

First of all Frankfurt appears little appealing to cyclists. It comes not even close to Amsterdam. Frankfurt is one of the cities in Germany with the highest pollution. Reason for that is simply the high number of people commuting in and out of the city each day. Furthermore Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Not only in terms of air traffic but also in the number of employees working at the airport. Soon there will be 90.000 people working at the airport. Thus, there is not only a high amount of traffic but also accordingly not enough parking facilities for cars and bicycles likewise.

Cycling infrastructure is an important point on the agenda of the city in order to make cycling more attractive. There is for example a system in place that allows cyclists to report damaged cycle lanes and roads. In the age of the internet the reporting works via a website that runs well on any smartphone or browser. Potholed lanes, high sidewalks and other obstacles can be registered by cyclists and afterwards fixed by the city. It is a good idea to let the everyday cyclist report where improvements of cycling roads are needed - way to go Frankfurt.

Additionally bicycles can be transported for free on Frankfurt’s busses and trains even during rush hour. Only restriction is the space available that is not always guaranteed during rush hour. For a smooth transition between bicycle and train there are 221 Bike-and-Ride station of which 36 are currently being upgraded with more bike racks. Commuting to and from work by bicycles is something to be encouraged by the city of Frankfurt. The e-bike might play an important role to increase the traffic share of cyclists as they allow an easy and not too sweaty movement by bicycle even on longer distances.

For everyone who likes using their bicycle in their free time Frankfurt has a beautiful tour on offer. The GrünGürtel cycling way is something special. 63 kilometers lead through Frankfurt’s GrünGürtel. 10 different routes to take with different levels of difficulty. These routes had been planned for a while but it wasn’t until 25 years ago that it was realised. Today this cycling route is popular with cyclists from all over the world and makes Frankfurt's citizens a little proud.

You can tell, even if not obvious, that Frankfurt is pushing the bicycle to become an alternative to car, bus and train. At least it is a serious supplement. Another argument for the bicycle is being delivered by Veloyo since April 2016. Now cyclists can book a service for their bike via Veloyo and enjoy easy, convenient and transparent service. While the new man is sitting in the office his bicycle is being repaired outside so that he can enjoy a smooth ride home in the evening. Frankfurt is next to Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Hamburg city number 5 in which Veloyo is available.


About the author: Valerie

At a young age Valerie fell in love with long cycling tours on the weekend and moving around on two wheels. Nowadays she often doesn’t have the time for long trips. Still, she tries to take the bike whenever possible.