Frequently asked questions

What is Veloyo?

Veloyo is the first mobile, intelligent and dynamic bike service. Veloyos service infrastructure is GPS supported and saves you from pushing or even carrying your broken bicycle to the next mechanic. Instead the mechanic will come to your bicycle, whenever you want and wherever you are. By doing so you will not have to worry about opening hours or how to fit the bike service into your already packed day.

How does Veloyo Service work?

It is pretty simple:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Enter the location where you want the repair to take place and choose which service your bike needs
  3. Veloyo will find a qualified mechanic for your bicycle
  4. The communication with the mechanic will happen entirely via our integrated chat where you can dicsuss all important details
  5. Typically the mechanic will come to your bike within 24 hours, sometimes he will have to do pick-up and delivery
  6. As soon as your bicycle is ready you will receive a message including a picture of your fixed bicycle
  7. Veloyo will take care of all the paperwork, payment can be done with creditcard or PayPal
  8. And you can #keepwheelsturning

How will the mechanic find my bike?

When ordering a service you will enter the location of where you want the repair to take place. It will be send to the mechanic once booking has been completed. Do not move your bike after booking, otherwise the mechanic will have trouble finding your bicycle. Within our integrated chat you can discuss all further details directly with the mechanic such as time and date of repair.

What are the prices for each service made up of?

Veloyo tries to keep the prices as simple and transparent as possible. They are dependent on your bike’s location. The price you will see for each service covers the material, the mechanics wage, a travel fee and a small commission for Veloyo. You will pay within Veloyo with credit card or PayPal.

When do I pay for the service?

Once you have booked a service, we will reserve the according amount on your bank account. You will be charged, when the service itself is finished. Any additional service suggestions that you accept during service fulfillment will be automatically added to your bill.

How quickly will my bicycle be fixed?

Once you have booked a service we will connect you in our integrated chat with a suitable service partner where you can expect a "hello" within one hour. As our service partners are regular mechanics often with their own shops, they do have normal working hours from monday till friday between 9:00-19:00. Sometimes same day repair might not be possible but typically the mechanic will be at your bicycle within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that a premium check-up will take longer than changing the tube. The mechanic will decide whether he can fix your bike on-the-spot or whether he will have to pick it up and deliver it afterwards.

How does the mechanic get the key for my bikelock?

Once you have booked a service we will connect you in our integrated chat with a suitable service partner. You can then discuss a suitable time for the service to take place. Of course you will not have to be present for the whole time of repair but you will have to unlock your bicycle for the mechanic. If you have a combination lock, you can easily communicate your code to the mechanic via our chat. That way you will not even have to be at the location to unlock your bicycle. We make sure that the mechanic will lock your bicycle properly after the service.

Who had the idea for Veloyo?

During CEO Sebastians years in Copenhagen he had the idea for Veloyo. In Copenhagen more than 45 percent of daily commuters rely on bicycles to get from A to B. Usually they own up to 3 bikes in order to avoid not being mobile. Still a flat tyre, a broken light or a damaged gear can be extremely annoying and makes them having to fit a trip to the mechanic into their daily routine. Even if they are capable of fixing it themselves they will need to order repair material which can take a couple of days. Either way the bike cannot be used for some time.

Bicycles are becoming more and more important for urban mobility, not just in Copenhagen or Amsterdam but also in cities like Hamburg, Munich or London. Veloyo wants to further push bicycles as means of transportation in the city and provide an easy and intelligent service for cyclists. Furthermore we will support the mechanic in areas such as accounting, marketing and customer management. A win-win situation for everyone.