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Company representatives:
Sebastian Kellner
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Registration in the commercial register: HRB 128056
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Mesaic Technology GmbH
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General Terms and Conditions for Users of the Veloyo Service Platform

General Terms and Conditions for users of the Veloyo Service Platform of the Mesaic Technology GmbH, Eimsbuetteler Straße 53-55, 22769 Hamburg (from now on referred to as “Veloyo”), Chief Executives: Sebastian Kellner, Niko Uphoff, Handelsregister AG Hamburg, HRB 128056, Email: mail@veloyo.com

These general terms and conditions (GTC) describe the business relationship between Veloyo and anyone making use of the mediation of one of the services offered by the Veloyo platform. These users of the platform will be referred to as customers in the following.

  1. Services of the Veloyo Service platform

    Veloyo provides a platform for information on repair-services by third party contractors (referred to as “partners”/ “service partners”) concluding information processing and billing in the name of her partners. In doing so Veloyo provides a service for her partners to match service seeking customers with clients, as well as the order and billing process and communication, which is organised over the Veloyo platform.

    All services offered to you by Veloyo over the website or application (app) will be referred to as bike repairs, services, or repair services. These services can be an inspection, repair but also other services mediated by Veloyo.

    When placing an order over the Veloyo platform, you agree to enter into a contract with a partner. Your order is accepted either through explicit acceptance of the order, or when a partner commences work by collecting the bike or starting a service on location. A confirmation that we have received your order is not yet a declaration of acceptance.

    When placing a service order for a mediated service of our partners, please read our general terms and conditions and our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to receive further information about Veloyo and the service process.

  2. Beginning, location and types of services

    Veloyo partners will begin with the ordered bike-service at the location transmitted to them and within a reasonable time frame. In order for a partner to be able to commence a service, or organise the collection of a bike, he needs free access to the bike and it can not be locked.

    Exceptions: Specially identified services (e.g. tube service front tyre – type of lock is identified by us via a photo with the receivance of an order) or through the usage of special types of (bike-)locks, which can be unlocked by the customer from a remote location, allow for certain services to be delivered, even though the bike is locked.

    Service delivery by a partner will cause service charges according to those communicated through the app.

    Changing and canceling orders

    If, for some reason, a service delivery is not possible to be performed, we will inform you via the available mobile phone number, email or through the customer chat of the Veloyo Service platform accordingly. You will also be informed in case a partner requires your cooperation to perform a service.

    Partners are entitled to cancel the service order, should you miss to meet your duty to collaborate within 15 minutes of his presence at the service location. In this case, partners are entitled to a reasonable compensation, at least though €10 call out fee. This does not affect further legal claims.

    Should, during the repair service, come through that the extent of the ordered service is insufficient to restore the bike to working order, we will inform you accordingly via the Veloyo Service platform. Consequently, with your approval, the extent of the service order can be extended within the contractual relationship with the partner. Additional services will be done to the imparted service fee. The partner will carry out only the initial ordered service, should you not agree to the proposal, which we will then bill.

    Repair services with collecting and returning (delivery)

    Veloyo’s partners are ever willing to provide you with the best possible services. However, certain services can only be done in a workshop. Therefore selected services/ products from the catalogue can only be offered in combination with collecting and returning the bike.

    A partner will offer you an extended service contract, should his expert visual inspection lead to the recommendation of a workshop only service/ product. This can trigger further costs, which you will be informed about. It is up to you to award such a contract. The partner is entitled to a call out compensation, should you opt against the extension of the order.

  3. Payment

    With his acceptance, the user declares his agreement to Veloyo charging the due amount for the ordered service off of the customers deposited payment method/ account, i.e. credit card, direct debit, PayPal, after the service provision, for the partner.

    Payment for services takes place only over the Veloyo Service platform. Partners are not entitled to accept payments that go beyond a tip. The service charge results from the pricelist, which is shown in the app or the website used to mediate the service order. Additional services can be mutually agreed upon during the course of an order. These will, if accepted and thereby agreed to, also be billed.

    Further, with his acknowledgement of receipt, the customer declares the correctness of the information he provided.

  4. Privacy policy

    You are liable for the truthful and complete declaration of your personal data required for your registration. You are furthermore obliged to handle your login data confidentially and not to make these available to unauthorized third parties.

    Veloyo sets great value on the safety of personal data of their users. All of the personal data transmitted by a user (title, name, address, email address, telephone number, locations) is raised, saved and processed solely according to the country specific legal regulation.
    Therefore, Veloyo only raises, saves and processes your personal data as far as needed for the correct performance of the service.
    By using the application, the user agrees to Veloyo raising, saving and processing his personal data. The user can withdraw his approval of this usage at any given time in written form on www.veloyo.com or object to the further usage of his data, also in written form.
    The user has to consent to the the usage of his location data (GPS-signal) as well as the transmission of his user name, order data and phone number to Veloyo’s service partner, in order to be able to use the service.
    Any usage of personal data going beyond that, needed for contractual basis, content design or change of the contractual relationship (inventory data), for purpose of advertising, market research or adequate configuration of offers, requires explicit approval by the user. The user has the option to provide his approval during registration. This optional approval can be revoked anytime.
    Personal data required to make use of services and billing (usage data), will also be solely used to handle open, pending and completed orders. Usage data are in particular user identification characteristics, information about beginning and end as well as to the extent of respective usage and data on usage of tele media by the user.
    The user approves that, the usage data is allowed to be used by Veloyo for purposes of advertising, market research or adequate configuration of tele media for and generating user profiles in anonymous manner. This appropriation of usage data can be objected to anytime. Under no circumstances will user profiles be conjoined with respective or applicable data.
    Furthermore, the user agrees to the issuance of his data for purposes of completion of a contract, or the pursuit of legal claims with regards to his respective contractual partner. Data may only be made accessible to other parties within legal prompt.
    Changes in the ownership structure or the organisational structure of Veloyo do not have any influence on the approval of the contractual item of processing and usage of his data. A recall of this approval, in written form, is possible at any time.
    As far as further information should be requested, or the granted consent over the usage of inventory data be wished to be viewed, evoked, or the use of usage data be recalled, contact us over our website.

  5. Repair services

    With the accomplishment of a contract between a partner and a customer, Veloyo obliges to only invoice the booked services and to provide her partner with veridical information on extent of service, service constituents as well as place of service. Veloyo is not obligated to further steps. Every service includes a fixed call out fee. The user has no right to claim possible waste or spare parts. An overview of the services and their respective extent can be looked up under “Overview of mediated services”. Extent and type of service are subject to regional partners and may be adapted individually.

  6. Business and service hours

    Veloyo takes orders for her partners around the clock within all service regions displayed on the website (business hours). However, orders will only be processed and forwarded to our partners during their service hours and executed only after acceptance of an order (service hours).

    Our service hours are subject to service regions and may vary and change. Business hours can be found on our website. The user has no right to claim interruption free availability of the Veloyo platform.

  7. Service regions

    Our service regions are subject to the range of our partners and may vary under circumstances. Service regions can be viewed over our website and/ or are visible to the customer while using the application. We will inform you prior to using the Veloyo platform whether you are located within a service region.

  8. Right of withdrawal

    The user has no right to withdraw an on-location repair order from one of our partners. However, the user is free to cancel an offer on contractual agreement with a partner, as long as his order has not yet been accepted by the partner.

    In the case of commissioning a workshop repair, the user is granted a legal cancellation right.

  9. Liability and claim for defects

    Liability and possible claim for defects are subject to legal regulations.

    In case of complaints about mediated repair services, the customer has to notify the partner promptly and immediately after service delivery and discovery via chat and address the issue.

    Additional to that, we would like to raise your attention to the fact, that cyclists are participants of public traffic and should therefore take responsibility for themselves and their fellow human beings. Users should therefore inspect their bike for safety issues after a repair service and before riding it, as you would before every use.

  10. Reservation of ownership

    Spare parts provided by our partners remain their property until these haven been paid for by the customer.

  11. Disclaimer

    Veloyo is only liable towards a user – apart from the violation of essential contractual obligations – in cases of deliberate action and gross negligence by her legal and vicarious agents. Essential contractual obligations are obligations which facilitate a correct conduction of the service and on their compliance the user can regularly trust and rely. Veloyo’s no-fault liability for initial material defect of the user’s property is excluded.

    Price lists:
    Respectively up to date and regionally valid price lists are transmitted through the Veloyo platform and made available as well as shown to the user prior to the acceptance of a contract.

    Veloyo may change and adapt her price lists for future mediation of services at anytime. Already received orders remain unchanged by these alterations.

  12. Final clauses

    Should one of the clauses within this contract prove to be legally void, so does this not alter the validity of all remaining other clauses of this contract.

  13. Contact

    In case you want to contact Veloyo, you may make use of the following options

    Email: mail@veloyo.com

    Via post: Mesaic Technology GmbH
    Eifflerstrße 43
    22769 Hamburg

    Telephone: +49 40 43276455

    You will find further information on our website www.veloyo.com

Overview of mediated services:

  • New Tube

    Includes a new tube from Continental or Schwalbe, cleaning the rim tape, removal of old tube and replacing it with the new tube and filling with air. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Tube and Tire

    Includes a new tube either Continental or Schwalbe, new tire (Schwalbe Delta Cruiser), cleaning rim tape, replacing old tube and tire for new one and filling with air. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Tubes and Tires Allround

    Same service as “Tube and Tire”, but on front and rear wheel. Includes two new tubes (Continental or Schwalbe), two new tires (Schwalbe Delta Cruiser), cleaning the rim tape on both wheels, replacing old tubes and tires for new ones and filling the tires with air. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Light Checkup

    Service consists of diagnosis and replacing broken parts. Material included: bulbs and cables. A new lamp body is not included and needs to mutually be agreed upon with a partner, should it be required. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Brake Checkup

    Consists of diagnostics of the brakes, replacement of non functioning parts (no more than two of either pads and/ or hoses and cables. Furthermore other required small spare parts eg. nuts and bolts and repairing the brakes. More service requires the Complete Brake Service-Package. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Complete Brake Service

    Includes replacing all worn brake parts, adjusting brakes front and rear. Material: two sets of brake pads, two sets of cables and two sets of hosing and all other small spare parts. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Chain Tightening and Lubing

    Service includes tightening and lubing the chain. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Mount new Chain

    Service includes removing the old chain, mounting a new chain (KMC or Shimano) and tightening the new chain. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Adjust Gearshift

    Service includes diagnosis and adjusting both derailleurs or internal hub gearing. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Complete Gearshift Service

    Service includes replacing worn parts and adjusting the gears. Material: two gear cables, two sets of hosing and other needed small spare parts. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Regular Service

    Service includes adjusting brakes and gears, full degrease of drivetrain, re-tightening all nuts and bolts and report wear of wheels (rims and hubs), brake pads, cables, chain and cogs. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Large Service

    Service consists of “Regular Service” as well as centering wheels and adjusting hubs and headset.A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Premium Service

    Service consists of “Large Service” as well as cleaning and greasing hubs and headset. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Individual

    This service consists of checking the bike and creating a quotation. The initial service fee will be accounted for on the final charge. A fixed rate for the mechanic’s journey is included in the service price.

  • Tube and Tire flat-less

    Service is the same as “Tube and Tire” but with a new flat-less tire (Schwalbe Marathon PLUS) instead of the standard Schwalbe Delta Cruiser.

  • Tubes and Tires Allround flat-less

    Service is the same as “Tube and Tire Allround” but with new flat-less tires (Schwalbe Marathon PLUS) instead of the standard Schwalbe Delta Cruiser.