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Veloyo is now available in Amsterdam!

Veloyo is now available in Amsterdam - the world’s most bicycle-friendly city. Either your bike has a problem with its spoke, axle or chain, Veloyo is the mobile repair shop. Find a mechanic close to you and hell come to you and your bicycle for a repair.

Bicycle canals Amsterdam

Amsterdam - a cycling city

If you think about bicycles in the city one of the first cities that comes to mind is Amsterdam: People cycling along the canals and exploring the city, train stations with thousands of bikes parked for the day or cargo bicycles used to transport all kinds of things or to take families from one place to the other.

2 million kilometers by bike per day

Amsterdam is the world’s capital city for bicycles. About 60% of the people in Amsterdam take their bikes every day to get to work or run some errands. All together they cover a distance of about 2 million kilometers by bike each day. For them cycling isn´t just a way of transportation - it´s a lifestyle. Nearly half of all traffic movement in this city is done by bike. Amsterdam offers an infrastructure and an atmosphere that every cyclist is dreaming of - especially in other cities.
Bike riders have their own lanes to ride safe and fast from one place to the other. At the central station you can find the world´s first parking deck only for bicycles with room for 7.000 bikes. The city is making a constant effort to improve the infrastructure for and perception of bicycles as a way of transportation.

Change is underway - for infrastructure and service

And they are not even close to being done: They still estimate an increase (around 20% each year till 2020) of bike usage in Amsterdam. In accordance to this they are planning to invest 57 Mio. Euro till 2020 to extend the (already pretty developed) cycling road system, widen and expand the cycling tracks and develop 38.000 new parking spaces for bikes.
The successful bike infrastructure in the Netherlands and particularly Amsterdam arouses worldwide interest. Australia for example is working with two bike experts from Amsterdam to work over their own structure, to make cycling more popular in cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
But even in a cycling friendly city like Amsterdam servicing a bike is as complicated as everywhere else. You have to carry your bike to the next mechanic or order replacement parts and fix the bike at home. Time for change! Veloyo is now available in Amsterdam helping all cyclists to stay mobile and keep wheels turning.

So, how does Veloyo work? - The 4 simple steps

  1. Visit
  2. Localize your bike and choose the service needed
  3. Within our integrated chat the cyclists will be connected with the mechanic to discuss further details
  4. Soon the cyclist can #keepwheelsturning

Over de schrijver: Sebastian

Sebastian has tried it out himself: Distances under 7 km are travelled faster by bike than by bus, train or car. Whether it is to get from A to B or to clear the head - moving around by bicycle offers Sebastian a flexible and quick means of transportation.